Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last 6 months

These last 6 months have been challenging to say the least. My job, if you don't know, requires to travel about every 3 months as a nurse-mAlign Centery specialty is cardiac. Love the heart, even when its going bad and giving me grief at work. Since June, I've been in Santa Barbara, Cedar Rapids (IA), Hartland(WI), and Tucson (AZ). Yes, I travel alot. I finally figured out why I had been sick since June-simple sinus infection. I'm involved in a long distance relationship with a Firefighter; thanks to the support of @jessywuv and her story, I keep praying that everything works out. @jessywuv, you and Matt- you guys have an inspirational story of trial through a long distance relationship, making it work, fighting and working through it. Jessy, you have helped me in more ways then I can explain.

So then I go to my whole traveling bit. I have been talking with @rshill37 about traveling, moving, airports, unemployment. Yes, it's hard. Being a traveling nurse, there are times when I will not have income for up to 3 weeks. I've gone for 2 months without having anything, not knowing anything. I know that I am lucky to have a job in this economy and a place that I can always go "home" to. But it sucks to have to always pick up and leave after 3 months. I have friends from RI to CA just through work, which is great!! Lots of places to travel for vacation, not that I don't do enough of that already. @rshill37 is coming back to her "home" for now and I maybe too. I am somewhat excited; there are 2 opportunities for me as permanent positions and 3 positions as a traveling nurse. But I am not excited. My boyfriend would be devastated to hear this (he doesn't read this) if he knew this. I don't want a job in "the tundra." Basically, I am only considering the permanent positions cause they are at the only hospital in the state that I want to work at.

@rshill37, I totally understand how you are feeling and this time of year really doesn't help. @jessywuv I enjoy hearing your stories/adventures with Matt. I only hope to find that soon. To both of you, I hope that you both get your "run" on in 2011 and look forward to following and tweeting with you more.


jess said...

You made me cry lady. You know I am always here for you lady, either through email, twitter, facebook, phone call or text :)

Take care of yourself *hugs*