Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-what a year

2010 has been a year for me. It has been filled with its heartbreaks, injures, sickness, weddings, runs, and lots of airplanes. I assembled this vision board at the beginning of the year to help me keep on track with what I want my future to be like. When my friend @twittyrun got a peek at it, he said " You are running across America..instead of so much flying." I laughed.
I have done so much traveling for my job and running that I can pack on 5 minutes notice to catch a plane 1:30 hours (literally had to do that). With that said, here are a few things that I have to say.

1.Places I've been in a year
I start in Albuquerque, NM still my traveling RN position there. I also went back to Greenville,NC to continue with a long distance relationship. Went to DC (wedding shower) and New Orleans (RnR half marathon) in February. March-WI on 5 min notice. April-Richmond, VA (wedding) then Westerly,RI(new job and yes I drove xcrountry!!) May-nothing. June-San Diego (RnR half marathon) and the to Santa Barbara (job). August-Chicago/WI (RnR Chicago)
Sept-drove home to Milwaukee to fly to Dallas (wedding) to fly back and drive to Iowa City, IA (job). That was all in one week. November-Tucson(job). December-WI x2. My car has literally been from East coast to West coast in a year and everywhere in between. I have done a lot of traveling.

2. Injuries/sickness
New Orleans I prepared for in one month. Luckily I was training at 6000 ft and running at to below sea level. My personal trainer/bodybuilder pulled me through that one. Next to San Diego. Got a call from a from boyfriend to run this race a month prior; hence @coachprs comes in. I struggled to find time to run, breathing, training now in warmer weather, IT band issues but I wanted to run. Ran San Diego-got to meet @twittyRun :) I suffer from chronic sinus infections, which made breathing difficult, messed with my HR. Enter CA and working nights-now a whole new issue. I tried to run but I couldn't. Migraines, knee issues, IT band. So I took a month off of straight out training and ran to ran. It eased my stress level. I ran RnR Chicago but not how I wanted to. Now comes the sad part. October I didn't have a job but I was already registered for 2 more halves-scratched. I didn't know where money was coming, if I would be able to afford flights..those are the hardest for me because I didn't even get a chance.

3. Heartbreaks
I entered the year in a long distance relationship from a guy in the 82nd Airborne. Met him in Sept 09 and things were great or so I thought. All in all, he cheated on me and told me so when I received a box with my things from his house. On to California and I met this surfer boy from Canada-how things happened I don't know but he gave me the ultimatum: you travel and this ends. Well, we know where that one head. Now to present day. Yep, I'm back in another long distance relationship but with a FF I once dated prior to all this traveling and we decided to try and make things work when I was home in October. I'm happy (except these last weeks) and have to deal with the situation.

So yeah! I have had a very interesting year. I've been to 11 states of which most my car has driven through. Injuries suck and I'm miserable when I can't run. My hearts been broken twice. You can judge me for whatever you want but that's my life and it's ups/downs. Here's to a happier, smarter, less costly 2011.

Happy New Years y'all!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Last 6 months

These last 6 months have been challenging to say the least. My job, if you don't know, requires to travel about every 3 months as a nurse-mAlign Centery specialty is cardiac. Love the heart, even when its going bad and giving me grief at work. Since June, I've been in Santa Barbara, Cedar Rapids (IA), Hartland(WI), and Tucson (AZ). Yes, I travel alot. I finally figured out why I had been sick since June-simple sinus infection. I'm involved in a long distance relationship with a Firefighter; thanks to the support of @jessywuv and her story, I keep praying that everything works out. @jessywuv, you and Matt- you guys have an inspirational story of trial through a long distance relationship, making it work, fighting and working through it. Jessy, you have helped me in more ways then I can explain.

So then I go to my whole traveling bit. I have been talking with @rshill37 about traveling, moving, airports, unemployment. Yes, it's hard. Being a traveling nurse, there are times when I will not have income for up to 3 weeks. I've gone for 2 months without having anything, not knowing anything. I know that I am lucky to have a job in this economy and a place that I can always go "home" to. But it sucks to have to always pick up and leave after 3 months. I have friends from RI to CA just through work, which is great!! Lots of places to travel for vacation, not that I don't do enough of that already. @rshill37 is coming back to her "home" for now and I maybe too. I am somewhat excited; there are 2 opportunities for me as permanent positions and 3 positions as a traveling nurse. But I am not excited. My boyfriend would be devastated to hear this (he doesn't read this) if he knew this. I don't want a job in "the tundra." Basically, I am only considering the permanent positions cause they are at the only hospital in the state that I want to work at.

@rshill37, I totally understand how you are feeling and this time of year really doesn't help. @jessywuv I enjoy hearing your stories/adventures with Matt. I only hope to find that soon. To both of you, I hope that you both get your "run" on in 2011 and look forward to following and tweeting with you more.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Triathlon training

Today I rushed home to watch the last 30 minutes of Ironman Championship in Kona. Earlier this week I had picked up an issue of First, I should probably back track. I half been cross training since my November post with cycling (indoor) and @p90x with running here and there. Since I picked up the magazine, I've been inspired to do more and after watching Kona, I've got my mind set to do one in 2011.

I've been blessed with the ability to swim without a problem, bike without difficulty and luckily I've already been running half and full marathons. I'm planning on just doing a half IM which is 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. I know that I can handle all of that, it's just putting it all together. I've gotten suggestions from @gabox, @indianabackdoc, and @KGIRLTRIS to do Cancun 70.3. I have also looked at Racine 70.3. So for now I and New Year's goal is a Half Ironman. I, of course, will be needing coaching and am hoping two of the world's finest coaches that many of us know - @coachprs and @dianeprs-will do so when I can get myself back to functioning mode. For the first time in 6 months, I am actually proud of myself!! :)

It's a powerful drink

So along with my full time job as a nurse I have jumped head first into BeachBody. For those not familiar with that name, does @p90x ring a bell? For most that one does; Beachbody is the producers of @p90x amongst other products. Beachbody is my "other" job if you wish to call it that. I choose not to since I'm being paid to workout (I'm using @p90x for cross training) and this wonderful drink @shakeology. Shakeology has been a blessing to me. When I am at work I can quick mix it with water and drink while I'm charting; it's given me more energy, I can think more clearly, and I don't get nearly as irriated as I used to. On my 4 days away from the hospital, I get to break out the blender and mix up all sorts of "desserts" as I call them. Each and every one is filling and fantastic!! I can't say enough about them except you have to try them. If you would like more information, click on the link and message me. I don't know why anyone, even MD's are speechless, shouldn't have access to them.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beachbody coach

I'm on another adventure with nursing down in Tucson (11/2). I had to make some decisions when taking this assignment. First, it meant dropping my training for a planned marathon in February-hopes of still doing the half!! Secondly, there will be no traveling for me. Next that meant dropping my half marathon in Las Vegas. So, for the first 2 weeks I struggled with losing parts of my running in a sense.

I came across a friend @fitnurseboy on a #FF and got in touch with him. We got to talking and he got me to sign up as a Beachbody coach. My new adventure: Team Beachbody Coach!! When I'm not working I'm working but on my own schedule!! I love it. Plus I get discounts on all @Beachbody products.

It took me awhile to come to terms with my decisions on running (my non running friends didn't have a clue). I still am running on my days off, but it's when I want to. I'm not logging them on @dailymile (if you're wondering); I'm running for myself. Not for a pace, goal, time. I'm not in training mode this month; maybe not next month depends on how things progress. I have to be in a good place mentally and physically again. With that said, I am using #p90x to help me stay conditioned and strength my muscles.

Right now I'm on a "pause" you could say but I'm still moving forward, just with different goals in mind.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The American Cancer Society:

The American Cancer Society:
I am helping to beat cancer by joining up with ACS and Determination. I am running the half marathon on Dec 5th in Vegas!!. Above is the link to the ACS site. There one can search for me (Terra Marr), then leading to my secure donation site and the story of my running. Please help in this journey of running and celebrating more birthdays.


November's 10s

Today, I decided to blog about 10 things I am thankful for. These past couple of weeks have not been easy for me. When I got out of bed, I didn't want to run, but I did and then these thoughts popped into my head

1) For my legs/feet and that they are not injured and I can continue to run
2)For every day that it remains sunny-there will be less and less in WI
3)My white/pink underamour tops with hoods-my ears thank me :)
4)I was able to roll out my ITB w/o crying
5)Reconnecting with someone who I lost touch with today
6)My parents and their continued support
7)PRSFit @coachprs, @dianeprs
8) "I chase boys, they chase me" tee for inspiration
9) @jessyuvw, @frenchgurl, @twittyrun, @the_wick
10) the song "Dynamite" cause I played it 5 times during this particular run

C-ya on the flip side

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What to think

Lately I've noticed that as I've been running, I watch how other runner's feet hit the ground. I catch myself watching their gait, seeing if he/she is a forefoot or heel striker. For the past month I have been trying to switch my running to forefoot running. I am a heel striker, meaning my heel impacts the ground first, then the rest of my foot rolling thru the rest of the running step. Forefoot or barefoot running has become the new "thing" as it has been proven to be more efficient and less stressful.

So as I watch these other runners, I look to see how each one's foot is hitting the ground. I'm asking myself "are they heel or forefoot or both striking." I so want to be a forefoot runner but am having issues with trying to get there. So, for now I have decided that I am going to be a heel striker. I will get there eventually....I just can't do it right now and that's okay.

Friday, September 24, 2010

One Day...

One day. One day my life changed. I went from having a permanent job working nights in Santa Barbara to not. In one day my life changed. It changed from having a nice apartment, to contacting my travel staffing agency for another job. One day I realized that I would no longer be staying in the LA area that much longer, forced to live on a budget til a new job is found, and life thrown to a sudden halt. It was one day.

That day/week I came to realize that I had taken a lot of things for granted. I had thought that I would be staying in the LA area forever so I hadn't taken the chance to explore everything I wanted to. My boyfriend and I scattered to see things that I wanted to see and do. I realized that I would be taking a job ANYWHERE in the country for 13 weeks, another wrench thrown into a once almost seamless plan. My agency found me a job 2200 miles away in Iowa til Christmas which was 1) good cause at least I would have insurance and money 2) bad cause I'm moving from everything that I loved and great to love. About 1 week before all this, I had also started up with training with @coachprs and @dianeprs for training again. One day and everything came to a halt.

What did I do? I went running. I remember being so upset; feeling that I had caused this situation some how. I was now running over at my boyfriend's-he lives by this awesome trail. So I started out and it was terrible. My whole body hurt and my legs felt like lead. The first 10 minutes I'm not even sure you could even say was a jog but say my legs started to get into gear, they loosened up. I kept going. By the end of that run, I felt great.

You see..I was going to run the LA RNR and Santa Barbara Marathon relay with friends...all that out the window. For me that was a great disappointment. I am running the RNRLV for the ACS with @determination and was worried how I was going to get all that worked out.
After that run, on that day, LA and Santa Barbara didn't matter to me anymore. Some how I knew things would work out.

Some may read this and say "big deal" but for me it was. But the thing that saved me and continues to is my running. It's my therapy. Sure, now I have to work on a long distance relationship with a man that I love dearly and it breaks my heart that he's not here with me but it's not the end of the world either. My life could be a lot worse. I still can run; I still can run for cancer-that's what motivates me on my really bad days cause even when I think I have it bad, I always remember there is someone else who is worse.

Monday, September 6, 2010

It was time off..

So it's been awhile but there was a reason and purpose. I, somewhere along the line, had lost the love and passion for running. From a teammate of mine, Ian (ndpalmer97), I decided to loose the Garmin, heart rate monitor, Ipod, and just go out and run. No time defined, effort defined run. Just me and my surroundings. I got to rediscovered alot of things that I realized I had lost. I have been living in Carpinteria, CA for almost 2 months at this time and had not taken in the "true" beauty of the area: the foothills back by the high school, running in the various small neighborhoods and seeing different decor that I am not familiar with. I actually noticed how quite it was out. Even if I ran at 9 am when business were up and running you still could hear all the creatures making their every noise.

My boyfriend decided to go out with me one run and he found this path that I didn't know exsist. As we ran along it, I got to see dolphins playing in the ocean; and I'm not talking 2...there were 4 or 5. We also ventured up to the Seal Santuary that is a protected area. Although we didn't see any seals, it was a specatular view. I wish I would have had my phone to take a picture of it. Nothing can describe time.

This past month I have rediscovered my love of running. Brandon (@ironbrandon) and Ian have helped me with that. I have joined up with the PRS team: best coaches that I know @coachprs and @dianeprs will help me with a new goal. I'm running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas in Decemeber and am so excited about it. Even in my time off I spent time in the pool and because of that I am entertaining the idea of participating in the Boulder 70.3.

All of this just because I had a month off of true training. It totally made a difference for me and I am thankful for every minute of it.

TM :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

RnR San Diego...

San Diego was a half marathon that I was challenged to run
by a friend of mine. Sure, I ran one in February, but I wasn't totally sold that I could run this one without totally training for it properly. Hence I hired @coachprs and with his help I was able to finish without dying out there.

San Diego, as I soon realized, was completely different. There was constant humdity. As the race started, I could feel it come on and so did my heart. I soon learned the value dumping water over my head every mile and downing the Cytomax as I could feel and taste the salt pouring off of me.

It was a great race to run, though. Besides having the music every mile and cheer squads, I learned more about myself. I don't do good in humidity. I can't image what my friends in TX are having to run through. All in all it was a blast. Probably the best part was getting to meet a teammate of mine @twittyrun!!.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I feel like I'm drowning..

So for the past two weeks I have been stuck with this lovely chest/head cold. I had to take a week totally off, which for a runner, is the utmost hardest thing to do. Everyday I struggled to NOT go run or swim-both I knew would hinder my progress yet I wanted to keep my body moving. After talking with my coaches and running friends, for the week I gave in and let my body rest and hydrate.

After my week off from running, I struggled to get back. That's when I had to dig deep to get through the mileage (albeit low). First, it was getting up again at 5am to fuel and be out the door before the city fills with tourists and the humidity totally takes affect on me. Next was conquering the battle of breathing-having a clogged nasal airway did not make it easy. Finally, getting my legs back to running mode.

What keeps me going? I dig deep; I always run for a reason. I run for my grandmother who I know would be so very proud of me running to raise money for cancer. I think of each mile as just that...a mile. I also know that I am a rare creature out there who can say "I've completed a marathon" and see the awe in people's eyes. Those are the thoughts that can bring me out of my drowning feeling.

I feel like I'm drowning, but I know that I'm not. It's been a bump in the road. I know that I can do this. After all, I've already completed one marathon...the next one should be easier, right?? yeah....right...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Let's party in New Orleans...Mardi Gras style!

New Orleans....alot of things come to mind when one hears that but this year, another tradition was added. The rock and roll series added to the series a half/full marathon thru the city and it definitely lived up to the true RnR experience.
I ran this the end of February 2010; hence after Mardi Gras offical and after the HUGE win of the Saints so the town was still in party mode. The start was packed; all decorated only the way New Orleans can do it. There were various costumes surrounding me-fairy princesses, Elvis, tons of people wearing beads...I could go on and on.
The course was flat and fast. Just what I needed after only training (really training) for 2 months. Luckily I was coming from 6,000ft above sea level to sea level. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. I remember pushing myself-after all-I could do this. Had to stop for a photo op with my parents around mile 7. I kept going, grabbing water at every stop and using my own gels as I needed.
As I crossed that finish line, I was ecstatic! I did it-and then almost lost all the cookies-but I didn't. Around my neck hung the coolest medal yet. To top it off, Sister Hazel was the concert at the finish line. Am I going back, heck ya and this time with two teammates!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New place..Carpenteria, CA

Now I'm in Carpenteria, CA-15 minutes south of santa barbara- and am slowly making the adjustment here. I'm at 9 ft above sea level and 50 feet from the ocean!! I came here to start a new job on a trauma unit for 13 weeks which also means that i'll be training in unfamiliar territory for the Marine Corp Marathon on Halloween this year. This little town is home to Oprah, Kevin Costner, and Hills fans might recognize the candy store here in town. There is constant humidity here of about 78% yet a low dewpoint which is a relief. This is what I get to see every day...and here the waves at night easily make me fall asleep. I've started into my 2nd week of marathon training and finally think I have figured out how to manage my HR monitor and the humidity. And I haven't forgotten about my 2 prior races either...New Orleans and San Diego...I'm just that behind right now.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oh I'm packing again..Heading back to ABQ for a job interview, see my trainer in his body building competition, and see friends. Oh yeah...vacation. Ever time I pack for something, I learn just how much clothes I have and get rid of more stuff.

So, if there is anyone who wants some scrubs or hardly worn clothes, I encourage you to stop can help me clean house!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On the road again...ah yes...for those who don't know me that well I am a traveling nurse and have been for the past year. I have been and seen very interesting places. I've just recently returned to my home state from RI. I have spend time in Albuquerque, Lake Havasu (AZ), and Greenville, NC as well. And the whole time my car has gone coast to coast will me. trainer (D.L) says so as I squeeze training for half marathons into my work week of 12 hour day shifts. I don't think's oddly relaxing to run for 2 hours after being on your feet for 121/2.?.?? I think only another who is a runner and a nurse could understand that one.

Catch ya later....