Sunday, June 12, 2011

Back on my feet

Today was my first run OUTSIDE since I was sidelined in May due to dehydration. Let me just say, it felt awesome!! I was nervous attempting this because I really didn't want to become dehydrated from the heat again. I have spent the past month concentrating really hard on drinking close to a gallon of water daily, plus electrolyte supplements, and rest. With all that said, I decided to attempt it.

Alarm clock went off at 5am and I crawled out of bed. Checked the weather and it was already 72*. Well, better get my but cracking cause it's only getting hotter as the minutes pass. Out the door and drove down to an area about 2 miles away. There's the water Chanel and then a shaded street that's all packed trail, which I love. Since re-dedicating myself to training, that has also meant to heart rate training. So me, Mr Camelback, and my HR monitor all adventured out at 545am.

It felt good to be outside running again. All the friendly hello/nods from others out early to beat the heat. Felt like I was accomplishing something. I've spent the last month inside training, afraid of the heat; trying to get used to it (and its only going to get hotter as summer approaches).

I've learned to really focus on my breathing, which helps keep my HR under control; also keeps the rest of my mind in check with my body, even with my ipod on.  This has been the longest distance I've ran and I'm so happy. I don't feel dead. step forward toward becoming a triathlete and marathoner (again).