Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The run

The run. It can be empowering. It can be a time of peace or time of chatter with friends. It can make us stronger and it can also break us down.  It can give us positive feedback on our bodies.  Its a time when you can hear your heart beat, feel your feet hit the ground with each step, your lungs expand with each breath. 

And then it happens. Your body decides to rebel.  It decides to make training difficult, delays training, pushes back training, or even can pull you from your planned races.  That's when things get rough.  You want to keep going, and you will because you're a runner.  But then your body rebels even more.  Stretching, long warm ups, foam rolling, foam rolling, drills but nothing seems to be helping. Idea: maybe some type of cross training will help.  You try for a couple of weeks but that's a no go.  So then there's an idea of possibility of switching sports for the time being

The run. It's an awesome experience. Yet you have taken a toll on my body.  You have forced me to pull out of two race this year already. I have dabbled in biking and swimming as cross training and learned to love it. Therefore, I am turning to the Triathlon. It's not that I am forgetting you, dear Run, as I will meet you again in November in Savannah. But for now, it will be better for my body and will give me a different challenge.