Wednesday, January 19, 2011

PF Chang Marathon

Let's rock and roll baby!! Actually, I didn't run this race but had the awesome opportunity to work one of the med tents at the finish line. First, lets back this whole thing up to Saturday where I managed to meet a whole bunch of twitter friends from across the country. @dragonflytweet, @indianabackdoc, @KGIRLTRIS, @funegrl262, @LJ3000, @MissJewels212, @aimeespencer, @sarahstanley, @bedmadthen, @azrunningman, @britishbulldog, @allyspeirs..i think that is all. I know it was quiet a few; some at Starbucks and then some for dinner at Thia Elephant. All and all, Saturday was a blast talking and hearing stories of transformation, encouragement, and determination.
Sunday: Big day for all who where running. Beautiful day, cool start temps with the sun out around 9 am. Congratulations to all that ran, finished, was great race, run right, with the right people. I had a lot of fun working in a tent fun of many pharmacy students, MD, 3rd year medical student, and a Pharmacist. Lots of interesting things to be seen, stories heard. Now my two cents:
1. After running a marathon/half marathon, please remember to re-hydrate, eat more than just 2 oranges. You wont be okay. You will be on your way to see me, dehydrated, confused, and sent to the hospital.
2. When on the course, drink more than just water!!! Your sweating out all the electrolytes in your body. If you can't drink the course mix, bring your own. Otherwise, again, Check Spellingyou will be on your way to see me.
3. After the race, get the heck out of the sun. You just exhausted your body; pushed yourself to the extreme and need to relax. If you do choose to hang in the sun, make sure to continue to re-hydrate or *surprise* see ya at the med tent.

I would like to thank @runrockandroll for a very well run event. I can't wait to volunteer at my next one. Even better, run my 2nd marathon in Georgia!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2011 Goals

So this year I have decided to make a few with running and my personal life. Things last year got blown off with running due to my work schedule, traveling due to work, and being sick. I also have lost touch with my friends which I will try to amend.

1. To find local races in the areas that I am going to be at. This will take planning on my part but it can be done.
2. Continue with my cross training with p90x/turbo fire/rev abs. These programs have kept me going when I haven't been able to run and also saved me the expense of finding another gym. All I need is dumbbells and resistance bands that travel with me
3.Master goal of doing a Half Ironman this year...TBA
4. Attend local training camps wherever I may be on running etc to help my improvement and gain more information

1. Find a success partner to hold me accountable to my new biz
2. Read 6 books this year...that will be a REAL challenge on my part.
3. Reconnect with friends via phone calls and letters (yes, snail mail)
4. Continue to work on my long distance relationship with my boyfriend in WI
5. Attempt to find a permanent job in WI!!

The main thing that will help me is finding that success partner. I think everyone should have a success part-for business, workouts-it goes a long way!