Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

For my grandpa: Thank you
For my cousin: my God be with you and watch over you while you are overseas
For all: Thank you for protecting us, serving. Words can never say enough

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Weekend in San Diego

Since May, I had made the choice to attempt a triathlon. I knew that it would be in September sometime, just not which weekend. As long as I started with the base building for that time being, when the event would actually take place wasn't a huge deal. I knew that I was going to be doing the sprint distance (400 yd swim, 10 mi bike, 5k run). As the time approached, and might I add, my contract on my current floor near end, I was forced to pick a weekend. I literally had 3 hours to pick a weekend, not really a race for my event (I owe that one to my recruiters ). The weekend-Sept 10-11th. I had no idea if there was going to be a race that weekend, I just hoped since I was granted that weekend off without a problem.

Luck had it, there was a triathlon in one of my favorite cities-San Diego!!! And what better way, in my mind, to remember Sept 11th but with a new beginning for me! So I trained all summer in one of the hottest summers on record for Phoenix.  As the date got closer, I got more nervous-I was having problems with my IT band and fatigue. There were times of doubt-I didn't even know if I'd have a wetsuit to race in. Luckily, Desoto got mine returned to me right before I had to leave!

So every time I go on a race-cation, there always seems to be some kind of drama. No different here. I got up Friday morning, tied up loose ends around my apartment, packed up my car and headed out to San Diego. I've seen alot of desert and this drive just added more to it. Flat, sand, and boring. I was so excited to see the mountains hence the other side meant San Diego. I got into the city right before rush hour (just like I planned) and drove to my hotel. Upon arriving, I noticed that the area was really run down with bars on the windows, including the hotel-NEW HOTEL

Text my good friend Tip @tipcan for some help to find the host hotel for the Tri Rock event. The Hilton it was; via phone, he managed to get me there safe and sound. I quick ran in to see if there were any open spots and I got lucky. I would have a place to sleep-thank goodness. Unpacked my car, headed up to the 29th floor to unwind and catch with @kgirltris and @coachprs.  We talked about the race and my goal (which for me was just to complete it). I set up my transition area and bike that night and called it a day. My brain was tired.  I'd have all day Saturday to do whatever I wanted.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never Forget

As I get ready to race my first triathlon, I just wanted to say that I will never forget. I race in memory of those who died, those who lost loved ones, and for this country...a country that continues to heals.

God bless

Training with...

Have you ever planned a trip to stay with a friend? I'm sure..Now how about a friend you haven't seen in years but kept in touch with? Sure! Finally, a trip to train and visit your coach 3 timezones away-coach/friend and husband you met in Jan at a race and have remained in touch thanks to twitter, training plans, email, and phone calls? Not many of us get that if we have online coaches.  Well..I did that. In July..4 days training and spending time with my coach @Kgirltris ( coach with Team PRS Fit), husband @indianabackdoc and their kids. It was a lot of fun, filled with chaos and adventure but it was something that I needed.

So my adventure started with a red eye flight after work into Louisville where Kristine met me at the airport and hence begins the adventure. All smiles and hugs, I hadn't seen her since the #RnRAZ in January but it's like nothing had changed. Headed off to make a quick stop to see her husband aka Doc at his clinic and then back to their gorgeous house where I met their wonderful kids. was nice to be around family and people again. Being a traveling nurse, I travel and live by myself. its difficult to establish friends at many places cause the staff knows that you probably will be leaving in 3 months.

First stop was the pool. This particular training was to focus on my entrance into the tri world. "belly button to the wall," "Glide" I think Kristine's hand gestures made this much easier for me to understand than just being told over a training plan.
After about 900 yds and a couple of complete flipped circles, we called it a day.

For anyone who knows Kristine and Doc, they follow a clean way of eating/way to nutrition. So for the next 4 days I would be introduced to a better, healthy way of eating to keep my energy levels up and help my training. The next day was looking at my running. I was nervous about this cause I thinking that I had been doing something wrong. Turns out.  I had been wrong. The only thing that I really needed to work out was "popping" my knees, looking forward, and hands at the hips-military style if you wish with elbows tucked in. Wow was I surprised!! Just a couple of weeks and I'm good to go.
Next we did some OW swimming with @abbazabba81-yep needed this practice since all of mine had been in a pool. The water was hot but that was ok. Great to be out practicing with others what I needed to get done.

Day 3 first we (adults) all headed to the gym. Kristine and I went through a killer weight workout. I truly miss my weights but with this being my first tri, I've been focusing alot on the bike and swim. It was a fun routine and great to have a workout partner again. So next, was headed down to the Ohio river for some just plain fun. Yes, it was hot so it was nice to be in the water just hanging out...talking..taking photos. It was a great way to end my days in the humid, hot midwest summer.

My final day was rest and just talk. Good 'ole girl and coach talk. I needed a rest. I swam not sure how much while I was there and had a blast. I was sad to leave as I was reminded of was great people they are (and their kids). My point: If you have an opportunity to train with your coach, DO IT. If your part of a team that is online, go visit. I'm sure that your coach would be glad to have you. I learned alot and will do it again. ;)