Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New place..Carpenteria, CA

Now I'm in Carpenteria, CA-15 minutes south of santa barbara- and am slowly making the adjustment here. I'm at 9 ft above sea level and 50 feet from the ocean!! I came here to start a new job on a trauma unit for 13 weeks which also means that i'll be training in unfamiliar territory for the Marine Corp Marathon on Halloween this year. This little town is home to Oprah, Kevin Costner, and Hills fans might recognize the candy store here in town. There is constant humidity here of about 78% yet a low dewpoint which is a relief. This is what I get to see every day...and here the waves at night easily make me fall asleep. I've started into my 2nd week of marathon training and finally think I have figured out how to manage my HR monitor and the humidity. And I haven't forgotten about my 2 prior races either...New Orleans and San Diego...I'm just that behind right now.