Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Oh I'm packing again..Heading back to ABQ for a job interview, see my trainer in his body building competition, and see friends. Oh yeah...vacation. Ever time I pack for something, I learn just how much clothes I have and get rid of more stuff.

So, if there is anyone who wants some scrubs or hardly worn clothes, I encourage you to stop can help me clean house!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On the road again...ah yes...for those who don't know me that well I am a traveling nurse and have been for the past year. I have been and seen very interesting places. I've just recently returned to my home state from RI. I have spend time in Albuquerque, Lake Havasu (AZ), and Greenville, NC as well. And the whole time my car has gone coast to coast will me. trainer (D.L) says so as I squeeze training for half marathons into my work week of 12 hour day shifts. I don't think's oddly relaxing to run for 2 hours after being on your feet for 121/2.?.?? I think only another who is a runner and a nurse could understand that one.

Catch ya later....