Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where in the world....

That's pretty much what I've been saying for the last couple of months, where have I been? Well, I finished my 1st (of this year) half marathon in AZ being RnRAZ. It was a fun, painful, interesting race. Let's just say that I've never ran with that much pain in my calves before..yet you wouldn't be able to tell by my race photos!!  My parents had come down from WI to watch me run and then enjoy the warmer weather with me.

 After my parents left, things in my life sorta fell apart. I'm totally used to only seeing them about every 3 months or so but this time it was different.  After they left, it's like they took my training with them. Phoenix was warming up (yay??) so I could ride outside again and run in the morning and not be so cold (its relative I do realize).  Yet I was also faced with having no job-no new travel assignment had been found yet and my contract was up at the end of January.  My job hunt was included calling my company on a daily (if not 2x ) for updates and then I decided to just apply at Mayo Hospital in Phoenix as a last ditch effort.

Terra without plan and without an upcoming job=stress x10. That rolled over into migraines and lack of wanting to training. I would wait to run til almost dark and waste my days off on the most beautiful days in Phoenix. I had gone to 2 different job interviews at Mayo's by Jan 24th and had nothing as a travel job.  Coming up this week was the running clinic in Estes Park, CO.  All I have to say is, it set me straight.

Thank you to @Coachprs and Active at Altitude. Thank you to Cindy (@knittingrunner), David (@DP_Turtle), Glenn (@mcdanielg), Jon (@jonjay500), Cheryl, and Megan (@meganMnelson).  This clinic helped me put confidence in my running and just being around teammates during this time really helped me. It broke me of whatever I was stuck in -maybe it was the cold Colorado air and the Rocky Mnt high...

Returning from the clinic I found out the next day that I got the job at Mayo-permanent And I start end of Feb 27th and by the way, you have to do this and that and......STRESS!!!

Fast forward to today. Today I am back in WI (home) where I am finishing packing up my belongings to send back to Scottsdale for good. This is a huge deal for me. I keep asking "Am I doing the right thing" and I keep getting yes otherwise things wouldn't be working out. This is true. Everything works out for a reason. For reasons, I am meant to be in the Phoenix area for now.

What does this mean for my schedule?? I don't have one right now. I have a list of races that I can race locally and just noticed that HITS HIM Lake Havasu will be in my own back yard (bonus!) and I'll be able to volunteer for IM AZ again in hopes for a spot at IM AZ 2013 with @meganMnelson.

Til next time-Be Safe and Train like you mean it

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wordless Saturday

Happy Running!! From Phoenix/Scottsdale AZ