Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beachbody coach

I'm on another adventure with nursing down in Tucson (11/2). I had to make some decisions when taking this assignment. First, it meant dropping my training for a planned marathon in February-hopes of still doing the half!! Secondly, there will be no traveling for me. Next that meant dropping my half marathon in Las Vegas. So, for the first 2 weeks I struggled with losing parts of my running in a sense.

I came across a friend @fitnurseboy on a #FF and got in touch with him. We got to talking and he got me to sign up as a Beachbody coach. My new adventure: Team Beachbody Coach!! When I'm not working I'm working but on my own schedule!! I love it. Plus I get discounts on all @Beachbody products.

It took me awhile to come to terms with my decisions on running (my non running friends didn't have a clue). I still am running on my days off, but it's when I want to. I'm not logging them on @dailymile (if you're wondering); I'm running for myself. Not for a pace, goal, time. I'm not in training mode this month; maybe not next month depends on how things progress. I have to be in a good place mentally and physically again. With that said, I am using #p90x to help me stay conditioned and strength my muscles.

Right now I'm on a "pause" you could say but I'm still moving forward, just with different goals in mind.