Friday, December 31, 2010

2010-what a year

2010 has been a year for me. It has been filled with its heartbreaks, injures, sickness, weddings, runs, and lots of airplanes. I assembled this vision board at the beginning of the year to help me keep on track with what I want my future to be like. When my friend @twittyrun got a peek at it, he said " You are running across America..instead of so much flying." I laughed.
I have done so much traveling for my job and running that I can pack on 5 minutes notice to catch a plane 1:30 hours (literally had to do that). With that said, here are a few things that I have to say.

1.Places I've been in a year
I start in Albuquerque, NM still my traveling RN position there. I also went back to Greenville,NC to continue with a long distance relationship. Went to DC (wedding shower) and New Orleans (RnR half marathon) in February. March-WI on 5 min notice. April-Richmond, VA (wedding) then Westerly,RI(new job and yes I drove xcrountry!!) May-nothing. June-San Diego (RnR half marathon) and the to Santa Barbara (job). August-Chicago/WI (RnR Chicago)
Sept-drove home to Milwaukee to fly to Dallas (wedding) to fly back and drive to Iowa City, IA (job). That was all in one week. November-Tucson(job). December-WI x2. My car has literally been from East coast to West coast in a year and everywhere in between. I have done a lot of traveling.

2. Injuries/sickness
New Orleans I prepared for in one month. Luckily I was training at 6000 ft and running at to below sea level. My personal trainer/bodybuilder pulled me through that one. Next to San Diego. Got a call from a from boyfriend to run this race a month prior; hence @coachprs comes in. I struggled to find time to run, breathing, training now in warmer weather, IT band issues but I wanted to run. Ran San Diego-got to meet @twittyRun :) I suffer from chronic sinus infections, which made breathing difficult, messed with my HR. Enter CA and working nights-now a whole new issue. I tried to run but I couldn't. Migraines, knee issues, IT band. So I took a month off of straight out training and ran to ran. It eased my stress level. I ran RnR Chicago but not how I wanted to. Now comes the sad part. October I didn't have a job but I was already registered for 2 more halves-scratched. I didn't know where money was coming, if I would be able to afford flights..those are the hardest for me because I didn't even get a chance.

3. Heartbreaks
I entered the year in a long distance relationship from a guy in the 82nd Airborne. Met him in Sept 09 and things were great or so I thought. All in all, he cheated on me and told me so when I received a box with my things from his house. On to California and I met this surfer boy from Canada-how things happened I don't know but he gave me the ultimatum: you travel and this ends. Well, we know where that one head. Now to present day. Yep, I'm back in another long distance relationship but with a FF I once dated prior to all this traveling and we decided to try and make things work when I was home in October. I'm happy (except these last weeks) and have to deal with the situation.

So yeah! I have had a very interesting year. I've been to 11 states of which most my car has driven through. Injuries suck and I'm miserable when I can't run. My hearts been broken twice. You can judge me for whatever you want but that's my life and it's ups/downs. Here's to a happier, smarter, less costly 2011.

Happy New Years y'all!!!!!!!!!!!