Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's a powerful drink

So along with my full time job as a nurse I have jumped head first into BeachBody. For those not familiar with that name, does @p90x ring a bell? For most that one does; Beachbody is the producers of @p90x amongst other products. Beachbody is my "other" job if you wish to call it that. I choose not to since I'm being paid to workout (I'm using @p90x for cross training) and this wonderful drink @shakeology. Shakeology has been a blessing to me. When I am at work I can quick mix it with water and drink while I'm charting; it's given me more energy, I can think more clearly, and I don't get nearly as irriated as I used to. On my 4 days away from the hospital, I get to break out the blender and mix up all sorts of "desserts" as I call them. Each and every one is filling and fantastic!! I can't say enough about them except you have to try them. If you would like more information, click on the link and message me. I don't know why anyone, even MD's are speechless, shouldn't have access to them.