Monday, September 6, 2010

It was time off..

So it's been awhile but there was a reason and purpose. I, somewhere along the line, had lost the love and passion for running. From a teammate of mine, Ian (ndpalmer97), I decided to loose the Garmin, heart rate monitor, Ipod, and just go out and run. No time defined, effort defined run. Just me and my surroundings. I got to rediscovered alot of things that I realized I had lost. I have been living in Carpinteria, CA for almost 2 months at this time and had not taken in the "true" beauty of the area: the foothills back by the high school, running in the various small neighborhoods and seeing different decor that I am not familiar with. I actually noticed how quite it was out. Even if I ran at 9 am when business were up and running you still could hear all the creatures making their every noise.

My boyfriend decided to go out with me one run and he found this path that I didn't know exsist. As we ran along it, I got to see dolphins playing in the ocean; and I'm not talking 2...there were 4 or 5. We also ventured up to the Seal Santuary that is a protected area. Although we didn't see any seals, it was a specatular view. I wish I would have had my phone to take a picture of it. Nothing can describe time.

This past month I have rediscovered my love of running. Brandon (@ironbrandon) and Ian have helped me with that. I have joined up with the PRS team: best coaches that I know @coachprs and @dianeprs will help me with a new goal. I'm running the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas in Decemeber and am so excited about it. Even in my time off I spent time in the pool and because of that I am entertaining the idea of participating in the Boulder 70.3.

All of this just because I had a month off of true training. It totally made a difference for me and I am thankful for every minute of it.

TM :)


Chris K said...

No Garmin? No HR Monitor? I would implode :-) Welcome back Terra. I also took 10 weeks off, but due to an injury. So, we are both back with a vengeance.