Thursday, July 22, 2010

RnR San Diego...

San Diego was a half marathon that I was challenged to run
by a friend of mine. Sure, I ran one in February, but I wasn't totally sold that I could run this one without totally training for it properly. Hence I hired @coachprs and with his help I was able to finish without dying out there.

San Diego, as I soon realized, was completely different. There was constant humdity. As the race started, I could feel it come on and so did my heart. I soon learned the value dumping water over my head every mile and downing the Cytomax as I could feel and taste the salt pouring off of me.

It was a great race to run, though. Besides having the music every mile and cheer squads, I learned more about myself. I don't do good in humidity. I can't image what my friends in TX are having to run through. All in all it was a blast. Probably the best part was getting to meet a teammate of mine @twittyrun!!.


Chris K said...

Terra, as a SD resident, I apologize for the humidity that day. It was unusually bad.