Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Day

So as Valentine's Day approaches, I decided to blog about that. These past couple of days have not been easy for me. As some know, or just saw, my boyfriend decided to end our relationship via email. Now this was a person whom I thought I was going to marry and be with. I was willing to sacrifice weather and a move back to a state that I REALLY dislike to be with him. And in one email, one click, he decided that it was over. Obviously, things could be worse..a death or divorce..but those who have been where I stand can understand. I was and still am crushed. It's now Saturday and the reality has finally hit me that I am single again and he has totally blocked me from his life; he doesn't even want to discuss it when I return home in 5 days.

I have received a world of support from friends/runners on twitter whom are my family (I'm in AZ right now and base is WI). One stated "he's not man enough to say it to you in person." Another, whom I've held numerous conversations with, thought he might come around aka grow some balls and step up to the plate-yea that didn't and won't occur. That person also helped me understand some of myself like I first come off as intimidating to a weaker person but that is a great trait to have. I'm still processing that one. Others said "your better off" or "focus on yourself and find yourself" or " I deserve better and I'm strong enough to move on".
To each and everyone who made one of those comments, thank you.

To Valentine's Day, I just don't like the day. It's 2 days before my ex-marriage wedding day and I have never had a good experience with the day. Not a good date or something with a relationship goes wrong. Case in point. So cheers to all those happy couples out there celebrating this happy day. For the rest of us, I propose a toast-to being single. It may not be all fun a games but we are only accountable to ourselves! Cheers to all



Funny Girl said...

*big hugs* WE STILL LOVE YOU!!! And from what I know of you...seriously a big loss for him. Who wouldn't want a funny, caring, smart gal? He sounds like a big dumb maybe you're better off? *shrugs* I know you can't control what you feel for him. But just remember, am here for you (if you need a shoulder to lean on or some girly chat time)!! Always!! :o)