Friday, September 24, 2010

One Day...

One day. One day my life changed. I went from having a permanent job working nights in Santa Barbara to not. In one day my life changed. It changed from having a nice apartment, to contacting my travel staffing agency for another job. One day I realized that I would no longer be staying in the LA area that much longer, forced to live on a budget til a new job is found, and life thrown to a sudden halt. It was one day.

That day/week I came to realize that I had taken a lot of things for granted. I had thought that I would be staying in the LA area forever so I hadn't taken the chance to explore everything I wanted to. My boyfriend and I scattered to see things that I wanted to see and do. I realized that I would be taking a job ANYWHERE in the country for 13 weeks, another wrench thrown into a once almost seamless plan. My agency found me a job 2200 miles away in Iowa til Christmas which was 1) good cause at least I would have insurance and money 2) bad cause I'm moving from everything that I loved and great to love. About 1 week before all this, I had also started up with training with @coachprs and @dianeprs for training again. One day and everything came to a halt.

What did I do? I went running. I remember being so upset; feeling that I had caused this situation some how. I was now running over at my boyfriend's-he lives by this awesome trail. So I started out and it was terrible. My whole body hurt and my legs felt like lead. The first 10 minutes I'm not even sure you could even say was a jog but say my legs started to get into gear, they loosened up. I kept going. By the end of that run, I felt great.

You see..I was going to run the LA RNR and Santa Barbara Marathon relay with friends...all that out the window. For me that was a great disappointment. I am running the RNRLV for the ACS with @determination and was worried how I was going to get all that worked out.
After that run, on that day, LA and Santa Barbara didn't matter to me anymore. Some how I knew things would work out.

Some may read this and say "big deal" but for me it was. But the thing that saved me and continues to is my running. It's my therapy. Sure, now I have to work on a long distance relationship with a man that I love dearly and it breaks my heart that he's not here with me but it's not the end of the world either. My life could be a lot worse. I still can run; I still can run for cancer-that's what motivates me on my really bad days cause even when I think I have it bad, I always remember there is someone else who is worse.